Did you know new patients are the best source of referrals? In most cases, new patients have friends and family that have never heard of your practice. They are also more likely to talk about how they recently changed dentists, especially if they’ve had a “wow”experience. It’s up to you to make referring family and friends trouble-free. Give patients the right tools to capture these leads for you. Then your team can convert them into new patients, who will then refer their family and friends and so on, creating what’s known as the infinite referral cycle.

Start by asking current patients to refer friends, family and coworkers. Bring it up naturally in conversation by asking “Do you have family here in town? Which dentist do they see?” End the appointment with a Referral Slip or point out the referral section on their Appointment Card. You can also follow up with an email encouraging patients to share a great special with their friends and family while asking for a referral. Display in-office Signage and keep Referral Slips in a dispenser in the reception area as subtle reminders that you’re currently welcoming new patients.  Convert referrals to new patients When a referral calls or you receive a completed Referral Slip, schedule an appointment immediately. Acting promptly demonstrates how much you value the opportunity to be their dental provider and sets the stage for a “wow” experience. Be sure to thank the referring patient.

Follow up With New Patients to Increase Dental Referrals

Delight new patients by following up their first visit with a Welcome Card. It’s a simple gesture that helps establish a positive relationship and lets them know they’re an important part of your practice family. Your sincere gratitude is the first step in building long-term patient loyalty.

“Wow” and reward new and current patients

Foster loyalty in current patients and open the door to asking for referrals from new patients by rewarding each with a special gift. Gifts can be anything from a small token such as cup, mug or tote bag, to something more significant like a gift card or movie pass. Longtime patients with multiple referrals could earn extravagant rewards like tablets, TVs, weekend getaways or cruises.

You don’t have to over-think the process of asking for referrals,  and if you’re not asking, the answer is always going to be “no.”  Let us know what works for your practice or if you have any questions on how to get your referral program off the ground!