dental marketing holidays SmartPracticeWhen it comes to dental marketing, now’s the time to leverage holiday season images your patients love. The marketing tips below give some easy, affordable ways to give more and get more during the holidays and beyond using compelling holiday visuals.

Leverage these dental marketing tips now as you meet with your staff to plan your marketing campaigns.

Promote your Most Valuable Products and Services in Visually Compelling Ways

New and improved technology? Discounted whitening? DentistryIQ advises to be sure to define the products and services that are most important for your office to promote.

Use your one-of-a-kind dental holiday cards  and include festive holiday season images. The cards will help you showcase your specialties to patients.

Also, consider this example for a visually enticing newsletter or social media post:

“Overdid it on sweets this Halloween? Smile not looking so bright? Take home a FREE whitening kit when you refer a friend or relative to our practice!” Use to create smile-filled seasonal images to go along with your posts.

Sneak Giveaways into Your Holiday Festivities for an Esthetically Pleasing Office

It’s the season of giving, so give generously. Putting up a holiday tree this year? Consider weaving coupons and business cards into the branches, and putting attractive Holiday Supply Bags or baskets of Holiday Dental Promotional Giveaways beneath the tree for patients to enjoy. Many of these products feature attention-grabbing holiday season images your patients will love!

Also consider gifts that give back. The Pinterest page, Mercy Ships, is full of inspirational visuals, and it gives a range of options to buy for charitable causes across the world—like Dental Packs. Consider encouraging patients and staff to contribute as part of a social media giving campaign.

Celebrate your patients with holiday season images showing radiant smiles and acts of service.

Share in your patients’ successes by sharing before and after pictures, acts of service, and other significant life achievements both in your office and on social media. Your patients will appreciate the recognition, and you’ll like getting noticed for extending your attention and care beyond the office. Plus, you enjoy a heartfelt, low cost way to add value to your office and social media. Be sure to get written consent for the images you choose to share.

Having a successful holiday season that will impact the rest of your year is within reach. Start planning your marketing strategy now using the tips above, and contact us for help with all your dental marketing needs. Have some holiday ideas to engage patients? Let us know in the comments!