Most dental practices “have” a Facebook business page (this has become a part of Dental Practice Marketing), but a successful social media strategy and dental marketing strategy for that matter, involves much more than just ownership. I believe that a Facebook page, done right, will bring a dentist many new patients. Likewise, managing a professional page on the most popular social networking site has benefits.

Dental Marketing on Facebook – Ideas for Dentists

Facebook ideas for Dentists

#1 Facebook Idea for Dentists, you’ll look like you’re tech savvy. You may have CEREC, DIAGNOdent, a brand new website, and dental lasers galore, but if you don’t have a Facebook page, the public won’t believe that you’re really up to date with modern technology. (The same can be said for Google +, Twitter, and others) Successful dental marketing involves creating a positive pubic image of your brand.


#2 Facebook Idea for Dentists, Facebook will allow your office to stay connected with patients between visits. So often, advertising and marketing is impersonal, yet word-of-mouth is the single most cost-effective type of dental marketing. With Facebook, you can stay in touch with your patients on a professional, yet somewhat personal, level by sharing your day-to-day workings with your fans.

#3 Facebook Idea for Dentists, Facebook allows you to promote upcoming events, milestones in your practice, and special offers — all for free.
And remember, if your special offers, photos, and posts are enticing enough, your Facebook fans may actually share them with their friends — and that could land you some new patients.

To better understand dental marketing with social media we need to better understand the way Facebook works. The way Facebook works is if your post has a high EdgeRank (similar to Google and SEO) then your Facebook post will be displayed on your followers newsfeeds. If they like it because it is a cool event or an engaging status or photo, they will share it on their page. Once they do this it shows up in their friends news feed and so on and so forth. It’s more than just “having” a page, it’s creating engaging sharable content that people care about.

We recommend PracticeMojo as your social media solution. I know what you all are thinking, why would you recommend an automated recall and reactivation company for social media. PracticeMojo offers one of the best Facebook solutions for dentists because their subscription is much more than just Facebook page design. They send daily kickstart emails! Well, now you got my attention, but what are kickstart emails? Kickstart emails are emails your office will get that contain post and content ideas for your practice to post on your Facebook page. All post ideas are designed to be engaging and sharable for your followers. (The kind of posts that get you new patients)

PracticeMojo Facebook Solution

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If you’ve had a bad experience with Facebook, and haven’t seen decent results, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. Save your office manager or even yourself countless hours of tie a week coming up with content for Facebook, and use PracticeMojo’s facebook solution, and you’ll see your social presence grow, and more new patients walk through your door!

Do you have a Facebook success story? We would love to hear about it, tell us about it in the comments.