Goals & Who to target for Summer Dental Marketing

  • 1. Help patients maintain and/or improve their oral health by leveraging employer funded dental benefits.
  • 2. Help the dentist and patient plan treatment over a longer period for optimal outcomes.
  • 3. Help the office increase production by providing preventive treatment and diagnosing needed treatment.
  • 4. Reach out to insured patients whose benefits expire in June rather than the traditional calendar year.
  • 5. For offices who don’t accept dental insurance this is a great time to do a School is Out Campaign targeting families.
  • 6. Get an average response rate of 26% of your patients scheduling an appointment – let SmartPractice show you how!

Summer Dental Marketing with Community Events

Summer starts June 21 – it’s right around the corner! People love receiving postcards from friends and family on vacation. Create a memorable moment when they check the mail by sending Summerthemed cards to invite them to your dental office for an event or to meet your dental team at an upcoming local gathering.
Community involvement is a key element in creating a positive brand image, and summer is great time to make this happen as each weekend offers a new opportunity to engage with your neighbors. Every marketing consultant will tell you – be where your customers are. Between music and food festivals, sporting events, fairs and awareness races it’s easier than ever to go where your patients (& future patients) are. Whether your event is at the office or at a local park during an awareness 5K run, create a Summer-themed promotional giveaway and hand out practical drawstring backpack Drawstring Backpacks (292331) ➤personalized with your Dental Practice Logo and contact information. They’re just $1.25 each! Then fill them with other summer-inspired giveaways like Customizable Lip Balm with SPF (292390) ➤, Water-fillable Squirt Teeth Toys (250681) ➤ and Personalized Dental Care Coloring & Activity Books (1002286) ➤. They’re a huge hit with all ages and for less than a $1, you’ll make countless marketing impressions as patients use these giveaways over and over throughout the summer.
If you are volunteering at an athletic event (soccer tournament or 5K run/walk) or will be around families with young, active kids, consider handing out bottles of EMT Toothsaver (63779) ➤ that you can label with your dental practice contact information. Help protect a future knocked-out tooth from cell damage and at the same time create oral health awareness. Many parents will be relieved to know that the tooth may be saved if proper precautions are taken. You’ll also want to distribute Educational Brochures or Cards (LC5962) ➤ with Mouthguard Awareness messaging to help prevent oral injuries. The simple personalized water bottle (292005) ➤ with your logo on the label is perfect for warm summer days too! Most of all – make sure the team is dressed in S.C.R.U.B.S. ➤ with your logo embroidered on them and display a large banner advertising your Dental Practice.

Seize the moment and take the opportunity to get involved in your community this summer. Create awareness of your Dental Practice and Oral Health Facts while spending time together as a Dental Team outside the office. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to active and past due patients to invite them back to the office as well. Be sure to maintain the summer-themed event communications in your emails and Facebook posts too.