neo sootheIf you are a general dentist, more than likely you’re performing more types of oral surgery – such as implant surgery and extractions – in your dental practice these days. To protect yourself as well as your patients, you’ll want to make sure you’re using sterile surgical gloves for these types of procedures.

What Is an Oral Surgical Procedure?

The CDC’s definition of an oral surgical procedure is any procedure “that involves the incision, excision, or reflection of tissue that exposes the normally sterile areas of the oral cavity.” Examples of this type of surgery are biopsy, periodontal surgery, apical surgery, implant surgery, and surgical extractions of teeth (removal of erupted or non-erupted tooth requiring elevation of Mucoperiosteal flap, removal of bone or section of tooth, and suturing if needed.)

Why Do You Need Sterile Surgical Gloves?

Sterile surgical gloves minimize the transmission of microorganisms from your hand to your patients mouths and vice versa. Plus, sterile surgeon’s gloves are highly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, meaning the gloves can provide an even greater barrier of protection in the likely exposure to patient’s blood or other bodily fluids.

What’s the Solution?

SmartPractice® offers an affordable solution with our Neo Soothe® Polychloroprene Powder Free Sterile Surgical Gloves. At just $33.99 per box*, these non-latex, left-right handed fitted gloves match the natural contour of your hands to reduce hand fatigue. They also feature a textured grip and have the added benefit of aloe vera and vitamin E in the emulsion.

In addition to sterile surgical gloves, there are several other **infection control measures you should be implementing when performing these types of oral surgery.

Some measures include:

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**For a complete list of infection control measures, visit the CDC website.