When it comes to patient loyalty looking for any natural excuse to communicate with your patients is a resource you cannot under estimate. Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and others are the prefect opportunity to reach out to your best, and not so best patients alike.

The holidays are the prefect time to reach out to your patients via seasonal dental greeting cards because #1 your patients are looking forward to mail, and #2 your patients will appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you spent to reach out to them. As your patients start to associate those good feelings that surround the holidays with your practice you’ll only help to enrich their patient loyalty and pride in your practice.

Pro Tip: At a minimum you should target each and every patient with an open treatment plan with a New Years card focusing on setting New Year’s resolutions to complete the treatment they need.

What if you could get all the benefits of a complete Dental Seasonal Marketing program – like the increased patient loyalty and more referrals — without doing any of the work and saving you money in the process? SmartPractice makes it easy and effortless to pull it all together with our SmartPractice MailSmart Mailing services.

Top 3 reasons to use SmartPractice Seasonal Mailing Services

Buy Now Pay Later
Reserve your early order discount now, pay later when greeting cards mail!
Increase Patient Care
Saves time – keeps staff focused on patient care.
Save Money!
Greetings are personalized, placed in envelopes and delivered to the post office, including postage for less than the cost of a 45¢ stamp.

Questions about SmartPractice Seasonal Mailing Services?
Contact Susan Morgan directly 800.522.0800 ext. 7568 or morgan@smartpractice.com

The sooner you plan, the less you have to think about and the more time you have to spend with patients.
Get started today, and choose from hundreds of new dental-themed Seasonal cards you’re sure to LOVE.

Here are a few of our top Dental Holiday Card Designs

Golden Garland Premium Folding Card

Golden Garland Premium Folding Card

Red Gold Ornaments Premium Folding Card

Ornamental Smile Customizable Folding Card

Ornamental Smile Customizable Folding Card

Tree of Stars Deluxe Folding Card

Tree of Stars Deluxe Folding Card

Blue Winter Traditional Custom Folding Card

ancy Tooth Bulb Premium Folding Card

Fancy Tooth Bulb Premium Folding Card

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