FACT #1: 87% of Businesses Now Use Video as a Marketing Tool

Keep your practice competitive and be sure you have video marketing planned for this year.

Keep it easy and create short, fun videos taken within your office (your phone takes great vertical videos!), then post on social media. Or take an office tour clip and add to your Google My Business page. If you have the budget, outsource a professionally done video that introduces your team and your services to your neighborhood by adding the video on your website.

FACT #2: 92% of Mobile Users Share Videos With Others

Is your practice currently being talked about and shared on social media by your patients?

When you post a video about your practice, it gives your #1 fans – your patients – the opportunity to show off their favorite doctor to their friends and family on Facebook.

Practice Video

FACT #3: Top 3 reasons businesses don’t use video: lack of time, don’t know where to start & it’s too expensive

This is a pretty relatable fact. Am I right?

Videos can feel complex and pricey. This is an area where SmartPractice felt we can make a big impact for you and made it a top priority for 2020 to help our customers overcome all three reasons. Sneak Peak Here ►

FACT #4: The 4 most common video types are explainers, product demos, how-tos, and testimonials

The best part about this fact is it gives you an easy “to-do” list of videos to consider for 2020.

For example, in your next team meeting have everyone share common questions patients ask them. This list would be a wonderful set of short explainer videos you can create and share on social media. Would patients watch? Of course! Because if these topics are coming up with several patients within the office, you can bet even more patients have the same questions and may not be asking.

FACT #5: 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media

Use video to introduce your practice to your community, it’s a big trend to generate new patients!

Sharing your services, patient reviews and what makes your practice unique in a video will help viewers learn about you and increase interest in scheduling an appointment. That’s because a video not only makes it easier to learn about you, videos are a wonderful way to feature your wonderful team!

Interested in learning more about the first and only affordable customizable video for your practice?

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