The answer is yes! Always a patient favorite and a staple in your dental practice, Promotional Toothbrushes are a top pick for giveaways. You encourage your patients to regularly switch out their toothbrushes, so why not provide them with one that will keep your practice name on the tips of their tongues?

We’re proud to offer FREE personalization on SmartPractice® brand toothbrushes, which means maximum exposure to your practice information for a minimal cost.

We have a wide variety of options, with some for as low as 48 cents each! For less than the cost of a candy bar, you can turn toothbrushes into highly-effective promotional giveaways. Take a look at our favorites:

The Supreme Plus 360 Adult Toothbrush works for the needs of all types of patients. Just some of the features are:

  • Tightly packed center bristles and polishing cups made of soft rubber to help clean
  • Built-in tongue cleaner and handle design compares to Colgate 360 Compact Toothbrush
  • Available in four assorted colors to please every patient
  • 36 tufts and .006 diameter with extra soft nylon filaments

Our Dots Pattern Adult Toothbrush is sourced for effectiveness in all areas! That includes cleaning, economy, patient awareness, name recognition, and price! Features include:

  • Angled bristle positioning to maximize contact with tooth surface by wrapping around tooth
  • Soft nylon bristles, perfectly end-rounded and polished to protect gums and teeth
  • Available in assorted colors
  • 27 tufts
  • .007 filament diameter

Patients expect to receive a toothbrush at the end of every checkup. The Dual Wave Adult Toothbrush won’t let them down.

  • Compare to top selling Colgate® Wave™ Toothbrush
  • .007 filament diameter with 43 tufts
  • Available in assorted colors

And don’t forget to stock up on kids’ promotional toothbrushes too!

Sqwiggly® Youth Toothbrushes have a child-sized head and wild handle in fun colors. When considering events like community health fairs or school visits, these are the perfect kids’ promotional toothbrushes to give away! Plus, each toothbrush includes a fun Sqwiggly kids activity card.

The Kids’ Sparkle Toothbrush features fun, sparkly colors to grab kids’ attention. The classic child-sized head and handle are a perfect fit for the mouths of children ages 5-8.

You simply can’t go wrong with SmartPractice brand toothbrushes. What’s not to love about free personalization, high-quality soft nylon bristles, a wide selection for any budget or age, and FAST delivery? Want to personalize toothbrushes with YOUR practice name? Visit to get started today.