Holidays like Valentine’s Day are the perfect time to give your Dental Patient Campaigns a heartfelt boost.

Your patients already know they can count on you to be the authority in all things dental-related. But if you’re really looking to keep patients engaged, your efforts have to go more than mouth deep. Here are some dental marketing ideas that will help you keep patients loyal and inspired on V-Day and

Effective dental marketing means aligning your practice with what lights your patients up—like fun holiday-related activities.

The patient engagement must-haves that follow are great to intersperse with regular dental education tips. Discuss them on your practice blog, in your newsletter and through your social media.

Keep patients in the know about local holiday events.

What’s hot in your neighborhood on Valentine’s Day? Better yet, are you hosting any V-Day community or office events? Spread the word on your social media channels and in your office communications! If you’re not sure where to look for inspiration, consider event websites like EventBrite or Facebook Events.

The more you share about holiday activities in your communications, the more patient engagement you’re likely to get.

Again, great dental marketing is about more than dentistry. It’s about giving your patients and prospective patients what they value.

And when it comes to the holidays, what’s top-of-mind for your patients are fun activities they can do with their loved ones. They’ll appreciate you for sharing festive things to do. Plus, your name is sure to come up in conversation or in social media posts about these events.

Idea: Handmade Valentine Cards! Spread some love by making Valentine cards for your team, patients, family & friends! Check out this video on how to make a beautiful yet easy handmade card in just 5 minutes!

Valentine's Day Handmade Cards

Encourage your patients to try out the activity and then tag you in photos on social media!

Valentine’s Day Dental Office Ideas.

Switch out your regular recall cards at the beginning of the year for Dental Valentine’s Day Cards to encourage patients to show their teeth some love.

And gift patients Valentine’s Day-inspired toothbrushes at the end of their visit leading up to, on and shortly after the holiday. They will love it!

Share Dental Valentine’s Day-themed recipes.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without seasonal treats. Have you come across some tempting recipes or tooth-friendly alternatives to sugary delicacies? Pass them along.

Maybe you or your staff members have your own family-favorite recipes to share.

Feature one or two recipes each week.

Encourage your patients to try out the goodies and then tag you in their photos of the finished product.

Getting tagged in recipe photos on your patients’ social media channels helps you gain visibility as a patient-friendly practice.

Looking for Dental Valentine’s Day Sayings  You Can Post on Social Media?

You know that “We Love Teeth” is an easy relatable, dental valentine’s day saying, but you can easily explore  for an endless.  The amazing Plackers Brand has the sweetest Pinterest post with “The Tooth is, I love you.” featuring a tooth, and you guessed it – a placker :)

Gush about V-Day movies and books.

Many of your patients are likely fans of Valentine’s Day movies and books. Quickly search online for seasonal movies that are family-friendly, like “Lady and the Tramp.”

Put together a list of traditional and culturally diverse favorites. Ask your patients for feedback on their most-loved films and books both in the office and on your social media channels.

Patient engagement increases when you take the time to learn and show appreciation for your patients’ holiday pastimes.

All your patients have to do now is settle in with a box of chocolates and a special someone!

Showing your Dental patients that Valentine’s Day is a chance to give back.

When the holidays hit, it’s easy to get swept up in externals like gifts and candy. Stay grounded by giving back. Every community has at least one shelter or charitable organization that could use your help this season.

Many dental practices will host a food, clothing or toy drive right in the office. Unable to host your own community service event? Let your patients know where to give back in your community.

Perhaps there’s a need for volunteers to put together food boxes, pack lunches or help serve a winter meal to the less fortunate.

Be sure to pass along contact information or website links to each organization.

Post about a few philanthropic organizations or causes on your social media and add them to your newsletter. Patients will appreciate that you’re an office who gives back.

When you touch hearts through your dental marketing campaigns, you keep new and potential patients engaged. Whether it’s through your office activities or social media content, spreading goodwill is something you should do all year long.

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for more tips just like these. Happy Valentine’s Day!