As part of the SmartPractice family, we strive to give you the very best–guaranteeing a wide selection of products, a fast turnaround, and a friendly customer care team. Our Seasonal Collection products are no different, and we know you’ll love them too!

Reconnecting and sharing your gratitude with patients and clients is likely high on your priority list this holiday season. To make it even easier to connect with patients and clients during the holidays, you can now partner with SmartPractice to print your holiday cards, clean your patient/client file, address envelopes and mail your card for only ONE PENNY MORE than simply ordering your card and mailing them yourself. 

Top 6 answers to the most common questions we receive that you need to know:

  1. Pick your seasonal card design today so we can guarantee that it won’t be sold out when you are ready to mail
  2. Lock in your order now with 60% OFF your Seasonal Collection Folding Cards so you get the best deal
  3. Add a personal touch to cards with your team’s digital signatures (subject to $40/signature fee)
  4. Add your team photo, a calendar, or even a coupon to your mailing to generate lasting ROI 
  5. Plan now and you won’t be billed until the cards mail out closer to the holiday
  6. Extra cards can be shipped to your office (great for new patients or referring practices)

Imagine the time savings of having SmartPractice mail your cards for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most, patient and pet care.

For a limited time, call for a FREE Seasonal Mailing Services Consultation and get a FREE gift!

Let’s partner together to make this happen. Our wide selection is available on if you want to get started right away!

New this year: Build your own Seasonal Collection Sample Pack! Call today to get started.