SmartPractice is proud to announce a recent donation of $50,000 to the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) in support of their efforts to develop “liquid biopsies.” This marks our third donation to the organization. Why have we chosen to support TGen for three consecutive years? Because helping TGen develop liquid biopsies could help doctors more accurately and less invasively treat patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. These tests may also contribute to reducing the total cost of treatment.

Arizona-based non-profit TGen is currently conducting a study at the Mayo Clinic’s Arizona campus involving patients with high-risk, early-stage breast cancer to determine the effectiveness of liquid biopsies as part of their overall care.    

Why TGen Liquid Biopsies?

Requiring only a blood sample, liquid biopsies could allow ongoing monitoring of a patient’s progress, and alert doctors if cancer recurs. The tests can also help clinicians determine the extent and duration of a patient’s post operative treatment plan, including radiation and/or chemotherapy.

According to SmartPractice CEO Dr. Curt Hamann, “TGen’s work in liquid biopsies could be a huge advance toward better care for breast cancer patients. Their research holds great potential to substantially increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments, while minimizing side effects and even lowering healthcare costs.”

A History of Caring

SmartPractice has long supported breast cancer awareness and research. Starting with Pink Ribbon Gloves of Hope, the Pink Ribbon line now includes Recall Cards, Supply Bags, Toothbrushes, Prophy Angles, Patient Giveaways, and more.     Pink Ribbon products generate a donation to fund breast cancer research and awareness programs

Patients and dental teams alike can feel good about using Pink Ribbon products, because SmartPractice donates a portion of proceeds to fund breast cancer research and outreach programs. Using Pink Ribbon products shows patients you care about their health, unites your team and strengthens your focus on being an active part of your community. Together we can help find a cure.