There are many different types of medical gloves on the market today and a growing number of latex alternatives. We are here to break down two popular options –Polychloroprene Gloves and Nitrile Gloves– to help you choose the right gloves for your practice. 

Polychloroprene Gloves vs Nitrile Gloves

Polychloroprene Gloves vs Nitrile Gloves

Fit & Feel:

Polychloroprene Gloves fit and feel as if they were latex. They are very comfortable and ideal for patients or staff with NRL sensitivities. Revolutionary super-stretch technology offers the tactile sensitivity of latex that is not typically found with non-latex materials, allowing for a smooth, sleek fit.

Nitrile Gloves, while still comfortable, have a lower elasticity, which can lead to a tighter fit. Oftentimes, users might size up. Nonetheless, Nitrile Gloves offer another soft, comfortable alternative to latex gloves. When available, left/right fitted gloves are ideal when performing repetitive motion procedures since they are designed to hold your hands in a comfortable relaxed position.

Strength & Durability:

Polychloroprene Gloves are very strong due to their high elasticity. They can stretch at a high rate and still retain their original shape. Polychloroprene also provides great barrier resistance, similar to latex.  

Nitrile Gloves offer excellent puncture resistance. They can also stretch easily but not at the same rate as Polychloroprene due to lower elasticity.


Both Polychloroprene and Nitrile Gloves are high quality, medical grade products that would be suitable options for any practice.


Polychloroprene Gloves are typically more expensive than latex gloves, but still an affordable option for an alternative to latex. Pricing for Polychloroprene has remained steady throughout recent months.

Nitrile Gloves are typically priced similar to latex gloves. Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pricing for Nitrile Gloves has increased due to an increase in demand for PPE.

Le Soothe® Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves Only at SmartPractice

Le Soothe® Sapphire™ Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves

Le Soothe® Sapphire™ Polychloroprene Powder Free Exam Gloves

These gloves are unique to SmartPractice and combine all the great features of Polychloroprene with the top-selling Le Soothe features of aloe vera in the emulsion and vitamin E. 

  • Comfortable fit not found with traditional non-latex options
  • Several color options
  • Textured grip for improved wet grip
  • Superior stretch and fit
  • Powder free, with polymer coating for easy donning
  • 12 boxes to a case
  • Ambidextrous, medical-grade, non-sterile, single use. Meets or exceeds ASTM standards

Your staff and practice are unique with varying degrees of glove needs and we have the glove solutions to meet those needs—regardless of the fit, feel or budget.

Want to try these gloves for yourself? Order one of our Non-Latex Polychloroprene Sample Packs today!