Goals & Who to target for Summer Dental Marketing

  • 1. Help patients maintain and/or improve their oral health by leveraging employer funded dental benefits.
  • 2. Help the dentist and patient plan treatment over a longer period for optimal outcomes.
  • 3. Help the office increase production by providing preventive treatment and diagnosing needed treatment.
  • 4. Reach out to insured patients whose benefits expire in June rather than the traditional calendar year.
  • 5. For offices who don’t accept dental insurance this is a great time to do a School is Out Campaign targeting families.
  • 6. Get an average response rate of 26% of your patients scheduling an appointment – let SmartPractice show you how!

Summer Dental Marketing with Patriotic-themed Postcards and Messaging

Whether your patients celebrate July 4th with bottle rockets and sparklers on the driveway or head to the stadium for the big fireworks show, it’s almost guaranteed that they do celebrate the holiday. Make the most of this shared patriotism by marketing your practice with Recall Cards and Benefit Reminders featuring easily relatable patriotic themes.

american flag dental postcard

Old Glory

There is no symbol more commonly associated with the 4th of July than the American flag. This familiarity makes it an excellent choice for Recall Postcards and Benefit Reminders. Want your 4th of July mailing to really stand out? You can design and build a custom postcard or mailer using red, white and blue in
the design of backgrounds, borders and text to effectively convey a patriotic feeling that will have patients thinking positively about your practice.

Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is another iconic symbol perfect for Postcards and Benefit Reminders. Although Lady Liberty isn’t necessarily associated with America’s independence from Great Britain, it’s an internationally recognized symbol of freedom and opportunity, two values that go hand-in-hand when thinking about the United States.

summer patriotic fireworks dental marketing


The big event! Everyone eagerly awaits the moment each year when 4th of July festivities culminate in a celebration of color, light and sound at the local fireworks show. You can capture the feelings of excitement and wonder when you use images of fireworks on your Dental Recall Postcards and

Order Today!

Ensure patients pay attention to your dental appointment request by including Independence Day in your summer Dental Marketing plan. Just about everyone celebrates and relates to the holiday that celebrates this land we call home. Look for increased checkup and cosmetic appointments as a result of your efforts. Order your Patriotic Cards early and start planning your 4th of July mailings today!

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