“Kindness is love with its workboots on.” – Karen McCullah

Imagine how much the world would change for the better if everyone spared just a little time to pay it forward.

At SmartPractice, we’re not just about imagining a difference. We’re about making a difference.

That’s why we founded our SmartHearts Committee in 2004. Since then, SmartHearts has worked with hundreds of great employees like Account Manager, Dyana Carroll, to help charitable organizations throughout the Phoenix area.

Dyana was kind enough to donate her time to a Give Kids a Smile® (GKAS) SmartHearts event on February 22nd. Give Kids a Smile is an American Dental Association program that offers free oral health services to underserved children. Since the program began in 2003, GKAS has given critical dental care to 5.5 million children.


At the Give Kids a Smile event this February, kids enjoyed free dental appointments, a carnival, and fun costumed characters. Dyana was tasked with escorting children to and from dental appointments and carnival activities at the Arizona Dental Foundation in Phoenix.

“I’m a dental sales rep, and I think it’s important for people to have good dental care,” says Dyana. “It was great to see so many kids get excited to be at the event! It felt like they were going on a field trip. I think what’s most impactful about SmartHearts’ involvement with Give Kids a Smile is the donations it provides. Funding from events like SmartScramble [a Smarthearts Charity Golf Tournament from 2001-2018] helps make Give Kids a Smile possible.”

Since 2001, SmartScramble has raised more than $355,000 for Give Kids a Smile.

In order to encourage employees like Dyana to volunteer, SmartPractice offers every team member 8 paid volunteer hours per year. In Dyana’s words:

“I’ve personally benefited from being part of a company that values community service by having the option to take time off work to volunteer. At SmartPractice, we get reminded about the underserved communities out there who now have opportunities to get the care they need [through organizations like Give Kids a Smile].”

Did you find Dyana’s volunteer story inspiring? Stay tuned for more blogs about SmartPractice employees who make the world a better place every day.