Welcome patients back with a smile – a little help from Dental Recall Cards!

One of the most effective ways to achieve consistent growth in your dental practice is to communicate with your existing patient base through dental recall.  While you might focus on acquisition marketing to find new patients, overlooking your active patients can effect your bottom line.

To execute a successful dental recall campaign, you must make communication a routine effort. Using dental marketing software is both time- and cost-efficient, but you can easily handle the task in-house. Here are a few ideas on how to maximize your dental recall communications:

Dental Recall for Lapsed Patients

Recall cards can be sent to anyone who hasn’t been in to see you in as many as two years. A friendly message about the importance of regular dental care can be the catalyst to a patient scheduling an appointment. Or you can ask them to kindly let you know if they’ve moved on to another dentist. That will allow you to focus on patients who are more likely to come back.

Patient Education

An informed patient will be more willing to accept your case presentation, but patient education isn’t just limited to when they’re in your chair. Many people aren’t aware that periodontal disease has been linked to such issues such as diabetes and heart disease. So, frequently sending educational postcards or laser cards will encourage patients to keep up with regular dental care.

Sweeten the Deal

How often do you send out acquisition mailers featuring new patient specials – such as a $99 exam or free whitening – to prospects in your area? These compelling offers are fantastic, but don’t forget to occasionally offer them to your active patients as well. They are loyal to your practice and deserve to be rewarded!

In-office Events

Are you planning to host an open house, patient appreciation or a candy buy-back event this year? If so, be sure to generate a buzz about the event in your community by sending an exciting invitation. Customizable Postcards are the perfect option for this. You can customize the text, photos, and even add a coupon or contest entry to the back of the card. The possibilities are endless!

We know you strive to be a thriving dental practice, and we’re dedicated to helping you get there. Marketing solutions just like these are our specialty, and we have many more ideas and tips to turn your practice into a successful one. What’s your favorite way to use dental recall cards? Share your ideas in the comments and we may feature your practice in a future blog post!