Dental Marketing with Online reviews, Are you doing it?

With the increasing use and popularity of social media and online peer review sites by
people across all demographic groups, what was once a recommendation (or complaint)
shared among a few friends can now be viewed by thousand within seconds. Simply put,
online reviews can now make or break the reputation of your practice.

Right now you’re probably thinking, “My patients love me. I provide great care. I’m
sure they’ll write nice things about me.” But what might surprise you is that patient
satisfaction isn’t only based on quality of care. In fact, it’s not even the number one

In a recent patient satisfaction survey conducted by, the number one
factor that contributes to patient satisfaction is wait times. Patients don’t want to
wait in the reception room for more than 15 minutes and don’t want to be left unattended
in a treatment room for more than ten.

If you find that surprising, try seeing it from the patient’s perspective. They’ve taken time
out of their day to come and see you – often having to take vacation or personal time
from work – their time is valuable, and if they feel you’re wasting it, they’re not likely to
think or speak highly of you, or to write a positive review.

Patients can accept and understand occasional delays because of an emergency, but
if you routinely run behind or leave patients waiting, their dissatisfaction will only
grow – and they’ll let others know about it.

Of course, it’s challenging to stay on schedule and keep the day-to-day tasks
running smoothly. And that’s where PracticeMojo™ can help.

It’s automated patient communication software that integrates with your practice
management system data to do the time-consuming things that keep staff from working
with patients.

Let PracticeMojo handle recall and reactivation and free your team to work directly with the patients, which is what they love to do anyway, so it’s a win-win. Give PracticeMojo a shot and see how much more time you have to spend with patients. They’ll be so happy that
they’ll want to tell a few thousand friends.