Why Your Dental Marketing Online Reputation Matters

Why does dental marketing online matter so much? Simply put, your patients are relying more and more on the Internet and search engines as a way of researching for a new dentists. They consult online reviews and social media sites before committing to a new practice or elective services—and they keep their eyes open for any potential online complaints or negative reviews.

If an online search turns up only positive information about your practice, that is great news. Sadly, not all business owners can say that all of their practice’s ratings and reviews are positive. With traditional reviews systems negative reviews and unwanted listings can come from any number of sources—real patients, business rivals, and frustrated employees—and their veracity matters very little. If your practice is associated with negative online listings, you can bet that it will lead to decreased new patients, lost current patients, and overall embarrassment. PracticeMojo Facebook Solution

That’s why so many practices are trusting PracticeMojo dental marketing to handled their online reviews and ratings. PracticeMojo utilizes a 3 point system for dental marketing and online reputation management.

  • Surveys – If you are new to online reviews, you’ll want to start by gathering patient feedback with our surveys. PracticeMojo surveys allow your patients to give valuable feedback about their visits that is only visible to you and your staff.  Doing so, gives your office the ability to start gathering patient feedback via surveys and then switch to online reviews once you are confident the reviews will be as good as you hoped.
  • Online Reviews (via RateADentist.com) – You’ll love our online reviews because you get to decide if you want to share the patient reviews on your website or Facebook page after you’ve seen them.  Your patients will love it because it doesn’t require an account or log-in credentials to leave feedback, which also increases response rates.  Plus, posting reviews on Rateadentist.com, your own website and your Facebook page help promote your practice in Google search. dental marketing checklist
  • Direct Reviews – If you want the most visible reviews, that with help the most with your SEO and Page Rank, we can direct your patients directly to any site you would like to collect reviews. We can link your patients to Google, Yelp, Yahoo and many more review sites to leave ratings. These targeted reviews, along with the rateadentist.com reviews combined with the directory listing information and the keywords on your website will help it show up much more prominently in search results.

Are reviews the most important factor in my dental marketing plan?

No. Recall is the engine for a highly productive practice and for generating new patient referrals. Imagine your dental marketing as a car. Because PracticeMojo has over 40 years experience in dental marketing, we know that the engine of this car is recall. It brings patients to your practice, and drives your practice forward achieving new and higher goals. Recall, remains the #1 way for dental practices to acquire, reactivate and retain patients. Demandforce doesn’t reach past due hygiene patients – period.

At PracticeMojo, we know recall. We also know and utilize other popular marketing channels. Social media, reviews, surveys, newsletters, phone calls, and other dental marketing channels are all great ways to also drive your practice forward. These marketing methods make up the wheels, battery, steering wheel and other key components that make your car a reliable machine.

No other service was designed and executed with dentists in mind.  They may have shinier racing stripes and performance rims but those are not essential for making your practice more productive and more profitable. You need a service with a high performance engine (recall) and that ensures the other elements are in balance (online reviews, social marketing, newsletters, etc.) is key to a successful dental practice marketing strategy – That is PracticeMojo.

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