Let’s face it – dental visits aren’t at the top of most of your patients’ list of fun things to do. But, receiving a new toothbrush and floss every time can move it up a few notches, right?

Dental Goodie Bags for Patients – In addition to appreciating a supply bag filled with dental necessities, your patients will feel valued when they receive fun, promotional items, too.

Why Do Dentists Give Goodie Bags?

Generally speaking, rewarding patients with small gifts is a gesture of goodwill and is one of the best ways to promote good oral hygiene habits and make dental visits more enjoyable for patients—especially children. So, when you give your patients a brightly designed, personalized goodie bag filled with all the tools they need to practice proper dental care at home, you really elevate their experience. It’s a fun and educational way for dentists to reinforce the importance of oral health, create a positive association with dental visits and boost loyalty.

What Do Dental Goodie Bags Include?

Choose the color that aligns with your logo to boost brand awareness with Color Selection Supply Bags!

Naturally, items such as toothbrushes and dental floss are the perfect giveaways to put inside dental goodie bags. However, you don’t have to limit it to just practical items—now is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with your giveaways! Let’s dive into a few of our most popular goodies:

colorful dental goodie bags that are personalized with dental practice name, logo and information will delight patients of all ages.

Choose the color that aligns with your logo to boost brand awareness with Color Selection Supply Bags!

Lip Balm is always a patient favorite and with so many yummy flavors to choose from, your patients will always look forward to their next visit to see which one they’ll get next. 

Orthodontic Giveaways such as the SmartRemover Dental Device Remover Tool™ and Patient Take-home Kits will be utilized often, ensuring your practice name stays top of mind. 

Stickers, Toys & Games and Coloring Books are highly coveted giveaways for kids! They generate excitement about visiting the dentist and put young patients at ease in your chair.

SmartPractice has a huge array of bag options, so you’re bound to find more than one to suit your needs.

Check out the supply bag options and fun product ideas to put inside listed below and pick your favorite:

  • Full-color Plastic Dental Supply Bags. These will quickly become your go-to bags because they’re perfect for every occasion and they’re available in four sizes. Fill them with toothbrushes, floss, or lip balm and give one to patients at the end of their visit. When you personalize them with your logo and practice information, your name gets seen everywhere these bags get toted around!
  • Dental Scatter Print Bags. These are the perfect choice for events such as school visits. Order up some personalized toothbrushes, pencils or super fun Toothpaste Pens and tuck them into these colorful bags. Tie it up with a curly ribbon and you’ve got a giveaway every student will love!
  • Paper Dental Goodie Bags. A wonderful alternative to plastic, our paper bags are fully biodegradable and come in three sizes. We have so many colorful designs to choose from, or you can fully customize them to complement your practice brand. Don’t forget to add a coupon right on the bag for even greater ROI!

Keep Tote bags and Kits in Mind Too:

  • Dental Toothbrush Kits. Want to have something on hand to give away but don’t have time to assemble goodie bags? Let us put together Toothbrush Kits for you! These bags are prefect for travel and include a toothbrush, floss and a small tube of toothpaste. We have kits to meet all your patients’ needs, from kids and tweens to adults, and even orthodontic. Most kits have slots you can slip your business card into, so patients always have your information nearby.
  • Dental Zipper Pouches. Put a unique spin on everyday giveaways like toothbrushes and floss. Zipper Pouches are ideal for patients to take oral care essentials with them wherever they go, from work to the gym or even on vacation. Our zipper pouches are available in bright colors and bold patterns, or clear with a slot to slide your business card into!
  • Dental Tote Bags. For an extra special giveaway or grand prize for an in-office event or contest, Tote Bags take it to the next level. Go all out and stuff them with tumblers or sports bottles, tech gadgets, calendars, or magnets. Our promotional items can be personalized with your logo for maximum practice exposure. Who wouldn’t want to show off all the goodies they received from their dentist? Plus, these eco-friendly bags are reusable which means patients will carry them everywhere from the library to the grocery store.

Let us help you turn your patients into your biggest fans with Supply Bags. Visit SmartPractice.com to shop our wide selection.

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What’s your – or your patients’ – favorite goodie bag item? We’re always adding new products to our inventory so be sure to check SmartPractice.com often. You just might find a new fave!