As an Orthodontist, looking for ways to engage with your patients during their treatment is often tops your list of priorities. You know that making a good impression on your patients plays a big part in positive reviews and referrals down the road, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas.

One great way is to celebrate the day your patients’ braces come off! Don’t neglect this opportunity – often referred to “Debonding Day” – to make it a memorable occasion.

Turn Debonding Day into a much-anticipated event in your orthodontic practice!

Your patients will remember this special day for years to come and tell friends and family what an awesome experience they had in your care.

Naturally, every patient is excited to have their braces removed to reveal a beautiful, brand new smile. So when the big day comes, turn it into a celebration complete with gift bags filled with essentials to keep their smiles beautiful for a lifetime.

You can do it in 3 easy steps!

Step 1. Choose a post-treatment swag bag. Reusable Tote Bags are a hot commodity because patients can use them over and over again to carry everything from groceries to library books. Plastic Supply Bags are also reusable and completely customizable, so you get more brand exposure with every use! Paper Bags and Care Packs make a big impact when filled with smaller giveaways.

Step 2. Fill ‘em with goodies. Think of all the things your patients missed out on when they had their braces on: gum, chewy candy, popcorn, etc. Indulge them with a variety of those treats and let them know it’s all good in moderation! Other valuable giveaway ideas are: lip balm, a new toothbrush, retainer cases, and whitening kits. And don’t forget to include a SmartRemover® Dental Device Remover Tool to easily take out their retainers!

Step 3. Snapshot the celebration. Document the festivities on social media to ensure everyone can join the fun! With your patients permission, post before and after photos, posing with staff members, and pictures of patients with their Debonding Day goodie bags. Add to the fun with selfie signs and props and share short videos made with Boomerang to get a lot of attention from followers. 

How do you celebrate Debonding Days in your orthodontic practice? Let us help you take it up a notch with a ton of giveaway options! Visit or call 800.522.0800 today.