Marketing your health care practice during these unique times is challenging. It’s important to remember that we are all in this together. SmartPractice has everything your practice needs for practice marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inter-office Communication:

We're In This Together Reception Room SignIn This Together COVID-19 Reception Room Sign – Communication and education is key. Signs are an easy and affordable way to let your patients/clients know they can help stop the spread of germs plus the infection control policies in place at your practice. Display signs to explain what is expected when it comes to sanitation and how you are working to keep them safe. Everyday language and supporting illustrations make them easily understandable.

Floor Signs – Help keep your practice safe by informing patients/clients of how to properly abide by social distancing guidelines. Display floor signs at the reception counter, in the waiting area and around the office to remind patients/clients and staff to avoid close contact with others. These can be reused multiple times in different locations. Use in conjunction with window and table top signage to ensure compliance. Social Distancing Floor Sign

Thank Staff & Community Members – Make sure your staff, patients/clients and community know how much you appreciate them during difficult and stressful times. A handwritten note will go a long way. Reach out to thank each and every one of your patients/clients for doing their part during the COVID-19 pandemic. Put a smile on the faces of those who are working on the front lines with this special and fun thank you card.

Showcase Telemedicine Services – Do you provide telemedicine services at your practice? It’s important to communicate with and educate your patients/clients on all you have to offer. Utilize our marketing essentials and tools that will help explain what telemedicine is, how it works, the benefits and how to get started. Choose from postcards, customizable mailers, brochures, signage and forms.

COVID-19 Signage Kit -New Turnkey Signage, by popular demand! Introducing the most affordable and comprehensive Dental-themed COVID-19 Signage Kit. Since we are all in this together, these easy to use, high quality signage kits include all the necessary signs your practice needs to keep patients and staff safe and informed. Two kits to choose from.

COVID-19 Signage Kit

Safe Practice Environment:

Patient COVID-19 Screening FormPatient Screening Forms – Protect your patients/clients and your practice by pre-screening them with a questionnaire about their current state of health, making sure they are aware of your policies around COVID-19 and infection control.

Gloves & Hand Sanitizer – Provide patients/clients and staff with mask accessories, gloves and hand sanitizer to help build confidence while they visit your practice. Personalize these hand sanitizer bottles with your practice logo to use a giveaways!

Face Mask Storage Bags – Due to the high demand of face masks, more frequent use of face masks and limited access to face masks, health care staff and their patients/clients are temporarily needing to store and reuse face masks (that qualify to be reused). Upload your own images, logo and add text for a bag that’s uniquely representative of your brand.Ear Saver

Ear Savers – Make wearing a face mask easier with our new Ear Savers. These are designed to relieve pressure from wearing a mask around the ears. Instead of laying behind the ears, you can attach the mask to the ear saver that lays on the back of the head. With fun colors and designs, ear savers make perfect giveaways to patients/clients and staff. Personalize them with your practice logo for brand exposure.

Custom PensPens – Provide patients/clients with their own pen to help minimize the spread of germs while promoting your practice at the same time. For example, our BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Pen has an antimicrobial additive — protecting the pen by suppressing the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.


Patient/Client Communication:

We're Back PostcardPractice Infection Control Video – Introducing, PracticeSmart Videos. The first and only affordable customizable practice Infection Control video for your practice developed by SmartPractice experts. Upload to your social media pages, add to your practice website, play in your waiting area and promote your video via a scannable QR code on direct mail marketing campaigns. Request a FREE video example today!

Infection Control & COVID-19 Update Postcards – Infection Control and COVID-19 update postcards help ease patient/client anxiety by communicating important updates about your practice.

We’re Back PostcardsWe Miss You Postcards – We’re Back, We’re Open and We Miss You postcards help to reconnect with patients/clients and invite them to call for an appointment. Seasonal COVID-19 Greetings

Seasonal Greetings – Share your gratitude this holiday season by sending lighthearted Seasonal Greetings that patients/clients and staff can relate to. The holidays are the perfect time to connect with patients/clients and thank them for their loyalty during these unique times.

Newsletters, Letters & other Content – Create articles and other content about infection control and other relevant processes and procedures to share with patients/clients (email, signage, website or newsletters). Newsletters and Letters are a helpful way to tell the complete story about the changes at your practice and how you welcome everyone back.

Social Media Banners – Post encouraging and fun content to stay connected with your patients/clients and staff online. Call us today at 800.522.0800 to get FREE social media banners!

COVID-19 Social Media Banners


Bonus Tip: Create a Direct Mail Campaign. Since many things are unknown, it is best to design and print now and mail out when the time is right. This will allow for the quickest recovery. Call 800.522.0800 ext. 7595 to speak with the Mailing Services expert in your state!

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