How does your practice look online?

Is your poor online reputation or lack of online reviews costing you patients —and credibility? Did you know that 88% of consumers use online reviews to influence which businesses they choose to support? As a dental practitioner, you need strong, consistent online reviews if you want to build a trustworthy practice.


The 5-Star Starter Kit can help you build your online reputation on the most popular review sites, including Google, Yelp, Yahoo and a site of your choice. You’ll also get tools to effectively request online reviews from your patients on a regular basis.

Your online reputation starts in the office.

It can be challenging to ask patients to recommend you. With the help of Professional Signage and Review Request Cards in the 5-Star Starter Kit, you can easily and consistently welcome patients’ feedback. According to a recent Dental Town podcast, “Smart Strategies for Getting New Clients,” you should also be leveraging the positive feedback you receive from patients and requesting they put their praise online. Handing out review request cards to happy patients makes it convenient for them to write reviews on your preferred review sites. Plus, the email banner ads you receive help direct patients to review sites with every email campaign you send.

Put yourself in patients’ shoes and search your practice.

Search your practice using both mobile devices and your PC/laptop. Are your practice and your ratings visible? Explore your website and social media. Are you sharing content that would engage you as a patient and keep you loyal? If your answer isn’t a resounding YES!, a boost in ratings and a visual makeover can help. In addition to getting you more ratings, the 5-Star Starter Kit includes one hour of graphic design time with a design consultant who will help you perfect your photos and profile to best represent your practice and brand online.

Ready to begin your journey to a better online reputation? 

The 5-Star Starter Kit is part of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help you attract and retain patients. Get a FREE online reputation management consultation to see what solutions can help you engage more loyal patients. Call 800.522.0800 to get started.