More often than not, new residents don’t stop to think that living in a new area means having to find a new dentist. What can you do to position yourself as THE dentist of choice for these prospective patients? Target new movers in your vicinity using the New Mover Marketing Plan that’s right for you.

Why should you target new movers?Left_Nav_Sign_in_page_ad_v2-01-01-01

  • You may lose between 10-17% of your patients each year. Targeting new movers help make up for this loss and keep you growing.
  • When you reach out to residents within 60 days of moving, you’re more than 80 times more likely to convert them into patients.
  • A new mover spends more in their first six months than a typical consumer does in three years. Get them when they’re more likely to invest in your care.

Mailing list + automated monthly New Mover Marketing Plan = MORE new patients.

Sending New Mover Dental Mailers to your geographically targeted new residents lets you welcome newcomers and market your practice. With your SmartPractice Marketing Consultants, you gain access to new mover mailing list custom-picked for your practice. Together, you set up an automated monthly program to target new movers…and target them often. It’s an economical way to attract new patients.

Ready to explore whether a New Mover Marketing Plan is the right move for your practice?

FREE_Marketing_ConsultationRequest a FREE New Mover Marketing Plan Consultation so you can:

  • Discuss options to develop your very own “New to the Neighborhood” monthly mailing with our Marketing Consultants. You’ll get expert help deciding on the design, target group and mailing frequency that’s optimal for you.
  • We will provide you with a practice marketing assessment questionnaire to zero in on your  practice goals and options for achieving them.

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