With the onset of the pandemic, our teams began to think about new seasonal themes outside of our typical “Christmas in July” campaign in order to address the needs of our customers during changing times.  

In 2020 our seasonal theme was “Share Your Gratitude” to highlight the need for our customers to express their appreciation for continued loyalty and trust in their practice. In 2021 the theme was “Togetherness” to encourage practices to take on creative solutions for staying in contact with those who contribute to their success.

As our marketing and creative teams were brainstorming new design ideas for this upcoming holiday season, one theme was consistent: Peace. 

It became clear we needed to do something a little different this year. We wanted to provide a way for our offices to combine their annual year-end greetings with an option that would make it easy for practices like yours to support global health initiatives. More specifically, help improve the health of Ukrainians during a time of crisis. And we wanted you to be a part of it.

In line with the SmartPractice Mission, it’s important to support Healthier Practices, Healthier Patients around the globe, especially during a humanitarian crisis. 

Together we can promote this year’s theme of Peace on Earth through sustainable products and improve world health by giving back to those in need.

SmartPractice invites you to unite this holiday season by sharing a message of peace to patients, clients and colleagues while donating to organizations providing health care services to Ukrainians.

Ukraine Donation IconBetween July and December 2022, a portion of the proceeds from products marked with the blue and yellow flag icon will be donated to health care supplies and services directly impacting Ukrainians and other countries experiencing a humanitarian crisis. The donation will be made at the end of December.

Qualifying products include beautiful new designs along with familiar designs you already love. Choose from a variety of Greeting Cards, Calendars and Supply Bags.

In December, we will announce the total donation amount as well as the receiving organization(s). Stay tuned!

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