SmartPractice-direct-mail-marketingContrary to what you might believe, direct mail marketing hasn’t died with the rise of the internet. According to Dentistry IQ: “When done correctly, dental direct mail campaigns can bring an impressive and measurable return on your investment.” So, just how can you get the ROI you want with your direct mail marketing?

Package Your Message in Several Ways.

Think about both the content you send, and the mediums you use to deliver it. The letter is still the most effective way to market, but in a time-pressed world, give your target audience options to scan.  Side bar bullet points alongside each letter will keep the most important information front and center. Consider adding a brochure, a giveaway, a recall card, or all three– and you’ll make even more of an impact.

Know What to Repeat.

Business 2 Community stresses that “anyone who looks at any of one section of your materials should have a clear idea of what the offering is and why they should care.” Be sure to repeat calls to action, important deadlines, and other value-driving information in each piece of mail you send. You’ll want the most important aspect of your mailer to stand out and be easy to find and understand. Do you want a potential patient to see a special offer? location?

Give Response Options.

Because direct mail doesn’t give your audience an easy “click-through” option, include print response form, a phone number, an email address, and a website URL in order for your target audience to respond in the manner that works best for them. Make sure and use call tracking so you can measure the number of calls coming in from your mailer. Also, you’ll want to train your staff to be sure and ask the patient how they heard about your office to make sure you can get a good idea of what marketing is working for your office and generating appointments.

SmartPractice has been helping dental practices market their practice with mailing services for over 40 years. If you have a question about a campaign you’d like to run or need someone to handle your monthly patient mailings, give us a call at 800.522.0800 ext 7568!