Halloween dental selfies

What could be cuter than Teeth taking selfies in Halloween Costumes?

We make it easy for you to create your best Halloween practice marketing campaign to date! October is the perfect time to connect with patients, grow your online presence and create more referrals. Use the following tips to conjure up a spook-tacular patient experience both in-office and online. It’s all about the power of community, practice name exposure—and a whole lot of fun!

Scare up MORE patients with the #Halloweenselfie

What could be cuter than teeth taking selfies in Halloween costumes? Just save the image above and post on all of your social media channels to start a selfie trend in your office. It’s a great way to engage current patients. Plus, the social media buzz will inspire new patients and referrals to join the fun! Your status update can read something like this:

Hey patients, the #Halloweenselfie costume contest has arrived! Take a selfie in your costume and send it to us. The winning costume will win a FREE Halloween goodie bag.

Looking for ideas as to what Giveaways will make a real impact? Read on!

Treat ’em with the best Halloween Giveaways

Consider making all of October a celebration with unique Giveaways like personalized Pumpkin Carving Scoops with your Dental Practice contact info. Families will reuse them for years and years! Add some Bat, Ghost and Boo Shaped Pens, Personalized Halloween Toothbrushes and Halloween Dental Supply Bags.

Complement your aaaahh-some Giveaways by making your office the perfect haunt. Decorate the office for Halloween in early October to create a memorable experience. It will make the perfect backdrop for your own staff selfies!


No matter what the season—if you’re looking for ways to leverage your supply spending for solutions proven to grow your practice, we’ve got you covered! Never used our marketing services before? Just click here for a FREE consultation.