Who would’ve guessed that the undead could actually make cavities run for their lives? Shows like “Walking Dead” have made zombies a pop culture phenomenon, and we’ll show you how to use this to your advantage with the Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign. Prevent cavities and promote patient loyalty – while having FUN.

Download Your FREE Cavity Zombie Coloring Sheet

Download free copies of the Cavity Zombie Coloring Sheet to reward patients and keep the importance of preventing cavities top-of-mind. Consider organizing a patient coloring contest, where you exchange their completed sheets for fun, functional giveaways like Glow in the Dark Toothbrushes, Glow in the Dark Cap Lip Balm, or Silver Reflective Tote Bags.

Incorporate Fresh Dental-Themed Halloween Cards and Bags

What better complement to your cavity-fighting endeavors than fun Halloween Postcards, Laser Cards and Supply Bags? You can even personalize them with your practice name and information. Want a unique design on your Halloween Cards and Supply Bags to build your practice brand? Our designers can customize a design that’s truly your own. Be sure to combine with the Giveaways above, educational Brochures, and of course, your Cavity Zombie Coloring Sheets both at your practice and at community events. You’re well on your way to ensuring new and existing patients stay healthy and loyal.

Start a Cash for Candy Buy-Back Program

Want another way to tackle the not-so-sweet effects of cavities this season? You can use your Halloween Cards to promote a Cash for Candy Buy-Back Program. Have patients exchange their trick-or-treat candy for $1 per pound.

Make oral health a treat this year with a Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign. How are you planning to keep your patients invested in their oral health — and your practice — over the holidays? Share in the comments below!