Dental Health Month for Children and Pets

February is National Dental Health Month for children and pets—the perfect time to grow your practice! Ready to fill your schedule with more dental health checkups? Provide opportunities to get hands-on with oral health while building lasting relationships with these 4 tips.

1.Schedule a virtual Dental Health Month event in your community to attract new patients and clients.

Host a Zoom webinar or live video on Facebook or Instagram. Virtual events can still be impactful! 

  • Are you a dentist? Promote your event by mailing kid-friendly, Postcard Invites to patients and posting on your website and social media channels. At the virtual event, show the proper toothbrushing technique with a demo puppet. They’ll love seeing you brush the puppet’s teeth with its oversized toothbrush!  
  • Are you a veterinarian? Pet-themed Customizable Postcard Mailers make great invites when you add your unique message. During your video, demo proper brushing on a cat or dog using Pet Toothbrushes like PlaqClnz®  Universal Double-Ended Pet Toothbrushes. Or, guide clients through a YouTube or Facebook video tooth-brushing demo.   

2. Boost trust with oral hygiene demos and education.

The oral hygiene demo techniques above aren’t just for events. Offer them during routine dental health checkups, too!

Use every checkup as an opportunity to talk about dental health goals and concerns in a compassionate way. When you do, you’ll promote better case acceptance and treatment compliance. Build trust by empathizing with patients, parents and clients when they voice their questions and challenges.

Here are some examples of compassionate phrasing you can use during Dental Health Month—and beyond—to boost trust and treatment compliance:

  • “I get why Fluffy’s bleeding gums would worry you, and I’m here to help.”
  • “I understand it’s challenging to fit in regular dental visits for your child. Life gets busy!”
  • “I see that you’re feeling scared, __ (child’s name). But don’t worry, we’re going to make this comfy and fun for you.”

Then, demo simple home care solutions to any dental health issues and reinforce good habits at home.

3. Send parents and clients home with dental care goodie bags.

Stock up on dental health promotional items to hand out post-visit, such as take-home dental-themed or pet-themed Goodie Bags filled with educational materials and promotional items personalized with your practice information.

  • Brochures
  • Toothbrushes
  • Magnets
  • Pens
  • Floss
  • And more!

For best results, speak with our Customer Success Team at 800.522.0800 to find the perfect products for your target market. We can find—or create—exactly what you need for the best ROI.

4. Ask patients and clients to post tooth-brushing selfies on social media.

Your patients and clients are the best practice marketers you have! To promote Dental Health Month AND your practice, invite parents and clients to post selfies brushing their children’s teeth or their pets’ teeth on your social media channels of choice. Don’t forget to ask them to tag your practice.

Consider creating a Smile Selfie Contest to boost more practice exposure and new patient counts during Dental Health Month.

All you need to do is post a sign at your reception desk, and then mention the contest to parents and clients in the office and on your social media channels.

Want more ideas to grow your practice? Struggling to figure out and execute the growth strategies that will work for you? Connect with us today.